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Have you sat down with your employee handbook recently and a cup of coffee? Well, maybe that’s just what some plaintiff’s lawyer is doing right now, with dollar signs in his or her eyes. Liability under federal, state, and local employment laws can be quickly and easily established if your policies, procedures, or handbook have even the slightest non-compliance with the laws, are missing topics, use the wrong choice of words, or are inconsistent with how your day-to-day
organization really works. Learn the strategies needed to have a judge or a jury read your policies and kick the case out of court. Understand how new business undertakings and company growth or declines impact your employment policies. While there are some policies not required by law, learn why you should have them in your employee handbook to protect your business. And, in todays electronic world, you will learn the best way to distribute your handbook and policies and document proof of receipt.

Description and Core Competencies

This is a very unique opportunity for you to submit 1-2 employment-related policies one month before the meeting for Mindy Chapman to review. She will then share her insights about your submissions with participants at the meeting in a very interactive and engaging presentation. No company names will be disclosed. You will learn the best practices for drafting employment-related policies to comply with federal, state and local compliance laws, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and be ahead of the curve in response to emerging employment law trends. Uncover your ears and get ready for the news. Your Clicks & Sticks® HR Policy X-Ray™ result are in!





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