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Compliance Perspective

Do you need to get your workforce to comply with company policies and compliance laws? How can you do this if you can’t even get their attention to begin with? Baseball bats are illegal to use. And, don’t waste your time, or theirs by still using outdated training methods that leave learners only remembering how good the snack was at your session. In this new world where everyone is constantly bombarded with information, you need to change your game to be effective. It’s time to learn new skills to turn passive audience members into active and motivated participants who successfully understand what you want them to know. And, what they are expected to do. In this highly interactive and skill-building presentation, you will instantly learn critical secrets from a nationally recognized master facilitator. You will get the unique opportunity to acquire and practice new training techniques right from your seat. You will leave knowing how to successfully design, engage, deliver, and close powerful presentations that participants will remember for a long time. Understand the keys to successfully educating adult learners to create long-term compliance and impact change. If you train on any topic, you can’t afford to ‘sleep in’ and miss the valuable secrets to becoming a master facilitator today.

Description and Core Competencies

It is incredible to note that the fear of public speaking tops the greatest fears that trouble people, according to a popular survey. In fact, this fear comes ahead of people’s fear of death, spiders, heights, and confined spaces. This highly engaging and interactive presentation provides participants with the opportunity to acquire, practice, and master engaging course development and facilitation skills. This session gives you all the workplace tools you need to be the most powerful, effective, engaging, and creative course developer and facilitator in your organization on any work-related topic.






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