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Compliance Perspective

Employers now are receiving the highest number of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation claims than ever before. The impact for you and your organization is that you have a greater exposure to federal and state lawsuits and EEOC charges today than you did yesterday. How do you protect everyone from costly litigation, high jury verdicts, large settlements, and a black eye to your brand image? The solution is to instantly “immunize” yourself and your organization from liability.  This presentation will help attendees to quickly acquire the “Best EEO Practices” to stave off nasty lawsuits. With a big dose of this highly engaging and fast-paced “bottom line” employment law review, you will learn the most crucial EEO cases, current EEO best practices, and EEOC news updates. Understand the impact they must have on your practical everyday employment decision dilemmas. Get “vaccinated” against the costly lessons other employers have learned regarding federal and state compliance laws. Roll up your sleeves…and see how learning about the latest compliance laws and how they impact you will be fast and painless.

Description and Core Competencies

This highly-engaging and interactive course provides HR Professionals, Managers and Supervisors, Attorneys and Leadership Teams with the opportunity to acquire, practice, and master the daily workplace compliance tools they need throughout the course of the employment relationship from hiring through termination based on federal, state and local laws and US Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC) regulations.






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