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Compliance Perspective

Famous studies report the #1 reason employees leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated or recognized at work. While turnover is expensive and hurts morale, it also instantly impacts your compliance program. New employees run new risks for violating your company’s compliance policies. Not every organization has a wheelbarrow full of cash to pass out for work well done. Workplace success is traced back to motivated employees and a culture that recognizes and appreciates them. A winning system acknowledges and rewards two types of activities---performance and behavior. Learn 99+ effective and low-cost actions you can take to recognize all levels of your workforce which in turns results in an increase in motivation, retention and revenue.

Description and Core Competencies

This highly engaging and interactive presentation provides participants with the opportunity to acquire, practice, and master the art of appreciation and recognition on a very limited financial budget. You will understand the key differences between paying an employee and recognizing one. You will be able to identify common organizational challenges to recognition and retention programs and how to instantly overcome them by develop strategic employee recognition programs that are effective and easy to maintain. Add to your organization’s bottom line by recognizing the economic and non-economic value of a culture with a high retention factor.





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