“For the first time ever, I really understand our
policies and how to apply them in everyday situations and when to reach out for help.”

“Before this training I could basically say I really only read about our policies, but now I have the best practices to use them effectively and consistently with everyone else in the company.”


“The trainer was fantastic and got everyone involved throughout the entire course. It flew
by and was fun!”

“The trainer and materials were great. We were involved from the moment we walked in until it ended. Everyone wanted to participate and
learn, it was that great!”


“The training gave me new skills and the time
to practice them, which was invaluable.”

“Skills, skills, skills, that’s what I needed and
finally got today. Thank you!”


“I learned practical information and skills I can use right now, today. I feel much more confident as
a manager.”

“ I will instantly be a better manager, I now have practical tools I never had before.”


“It was an outstanding course because we were
all involved all of the time. We were always doing something interesting and learning at the
same time.”

“Clever way of getting us all involved on what could be a dry legal subject. I learned more in this session that in all the previous training sessions and I know
I’ll remember what I learned because the tools
are fun and memorable. ”


“Thank goodness there was no legalese for
a change. I finally understood the laws because
they were presented in a way that applied to us in real workplace situations. I could never remember
the legal mumbo-jumbo of the other seminars.”

“The techniques were simple to grasp. I can
spot issues and knowhow to handle them.”

Based on Your Culture

“I thought it was most effective because the examples were real and I had faced them all before-but I didn’t know how to handle them”

“I loved it! I was like a day-in-my-life-of-work problems, but now I have solutions.”


“A+ Wow! I had no idea what I didn’t know before. I was a walking lawsuit!”

“I wish I had this course 20 years ago. I never would have made decisions I now know better than to make. Thank you for this course.”

Supports Previous Learning

“This was a terrific refresher course. I knew about some of the laws but it was great to have it presented in such a unique organized way
and learn new updates at the same time.”

“I thought I could not take another course on this topic but I was wrong! I learned even more and
it will stick with me!”

Meets Training Goals and Objectives

“100% met my expectations and even more.
I expected it to be dull like all the past training sessions and it was just the opposite. I enjoyed learning this way.”

“If the goal was to get all employees on the
same page with this training, you did it. I feel
the company really cares about us to give
us this course.”

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