Anticipating Legal Problems

At its core, legal risk management is all about anticipating a legal problem and its solution before incurring liability.  It’s often said that while winning a case is certainly a victory, the real victory is not having a case in the first place.

Clicks & Sticks® Training serves to prevent lawsuits by creating a culture of respect and fairness. In the event a claim arises, the training may be used as an employer’s legal defense to get the claim rapidly dismissed or avoid costly punitive damages.

4 Key Reasons To Provide Relevant & Memorable Training

#1 It’s the right thing to do. Clicks & Sticks® Training is the fastest and most effective way to spread the message that your culture does the right thing and values respect and fairness.

#2 It quickly gets everyone on the same compliance page. Employees have many different ways of interpreting policies and laws. Unfortunately, that inconsistency breeds liability.  Clicks & Sticks® Training immediately turns company uncertainty into a uniform organization practicing enterprise-wide compliance.

#3 Training provides legal defenses against liability.  In the U.S., applicants and employees have legal rights to file employment-related claims for free with government agencies.  A company can move to dismiss these claims by showing it took “reasonable care to prevent and correct harassment, discrimination and retaliation.”  This means the training must not only be legally sound, but it must also be effective.  To be effective, it must be relevant and memorable.

#4 Training wipes out punitive damages.  Still, if a company is held liable for the conduct of its employees, it can then be exposed to additional costly punitive damages.  To avoid this pile-on of punitive damages, organizations need to show they went above taking “reasonable care” and also made “good-faith efforts” to provide anti-discrimination training.  Clicks & Sticks® Training supports good-faith efforts by not only teaching all federal, state, and local employment laws and employers’ obligations under those laws, but also the guidelines and regulations set out by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the U.S. Department of Labor, and other governmental compliance entities.





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