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Is your employee handbook shielding you from liability or secretly stabbing you in the back? You will learn the 75+ most common mistakes professionals make when creating, revising and distributing policies and procedures in employee handbooks. Understand strategically what should always and never be included. Be aware of the best practices when it comes to organizations present in more than one state. Know when to over extend policy protections and when to limit them. Learn the nuances plaintiff attorneys are dying to find in your policies and handbook to win big-time employment lawsuits. These powerful 75+ critical secrets will instantly give you the skills you need today to successfully and effectively avoid liability.  Don’t let your employee handbook be marked as plaintiff’s ‘Exhibit A’ …against you!

Description and Core Competencies

This highly engaging and interactive session will immediately enhance your skills in evaluating your existing personnel policies and provide you with 75+ strategic tips to help you avoid liability that stems from poorly drafted policies and procedures in your employee handbook. Learn what words, phrases, and policies will put your organization at risk and how to avoid them while still creating effective guidelines based on your specific culture and business strategies. You will understand how to review and update personnel policies on a regular basis to stay current with federal and state laws and the real day-to-day practices of your organization. Outdated policies and saying too much or even too little, can quickly land you in court. If you have any involvement in your organization’s policies, practices, procedures or employee handbook then you literally cannot afford to miss this fast-paced and information-packed presentation.





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