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The last visitor employers want knocking at their door is the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the governmental agency responsible for enforcing the federal anti-discrimination and retaliation laws which protect job applicants and employees. Today’s EEOC is aggressively cracking down on employers by using new strategies that most employers are unaware of until it’s too late. Did you know the EEOC has its own YouTube channel and Twitter handles in both English and Spanish with the intent to rapidly educate all U.S. employees about their legal rights and remedies against employers? This highly engaging and interactive executive briefing will immediately update you on the latest EEOC mandates, statistics, and top 25+ critical cases to prevent the EEOC from appearing at your door and going…Knock. Knock.

Description and Core Competencies

In this session you will learn about the EEOC’s new aggressive multi-faceted mission and why it is already successfully generating greater complex litigation along with severe economic and non-economic consequences for employers. How the EEOC is openly soliciting your applicants, employees, and former employees to join class action lawsuits and create new ones are key topics. Learn how to stop a run of the mill EEOC charge against your organization from quickly turning into a companywide search for systemic discrimination. A review of the most recent critical EEOC cases will help you gain insight to the best compliance practices required to protect your organization in light of the EEOC’s new strategies.



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