Above and Beyond Approach

If and when you need to provide legal documentation that your organization had classroom compliance law training, we go above and beyond legally required attendance sheets.  We document as if a judge or jury will be looking it over and weighing it by the ounce. When it comes to producing legal documentation, we have the perspective that "more is better."


Attendance Verification Forms. We provide a custom-branded attendance verification form for participants to print and sign their names.  We always ensure documentation is collected at the end of every class and is promptly and safely placed into your hands.

Verification of Participation and Receipt of Policies Forms. We confirm that not only have employees “attended” and “participated” in the training, but that they also “received” the itemized policies we distributed during training, and “read and understood them and have no further questions about them.”  Participants signoff, “I understand that violating the policies may result in discipline up to and including termination.” 

Certificates of Completion. We also provide individual Certificates of Completion for every participant designed like a diploma, customized with your organization’s logo, and dated and personally signed by the facilitator.

Clicks & Sticks® Evaluations.  Our customized evaluation forms are based on the memorable compliance tools taught in each course. Additionally, participants demonstrate their understanding of their compliance obligations and the best practices to follow to prevent liability and value a culture of respect.





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