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Compliance Perspective

Oliver North. Anthony Weiner. Gilbert Gottfried. The CEO of Peanut Corporation of America, and employees from Microsoft. Arthur Anderson and Merrill Lynch. What don’t people yet get about sending E-mails, text messages, Tweets and posting things on Facebook and other social media sites? Still, every week someone is making the news for not getting it. In todays world of technology you are creating E-verlasting E-vidence that, for sure, will be used against you at work and in court. You only have to “Hit Send” once to cost an organization big bucks, kill the brand’s reputation and take your own career down in flames. ‘E’ also stands for E-mbarrasing, E-ternal and E-xpensive. You would never intentionally jump into a human–sized blender, so why would you E-ver “Hit Send”…??!

Description and Core Competencies

This highly engaging and interactive presentation provides participants with the opportunity to acquire, practice, and master the daily workplace compliance tools they need to follow their electronics communication policies and best practices to avoid personal and professional liability before they “Hit Send.” You will understand how and why to think twice. You will learn when to e-mail and when to pick up the phone and call. Never again, will you put your self at risk for being an e-fool in front of the e-world.





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