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How do you keep an organization in compliance with your policies, the laws, your business strategies, and your culture when no one is actually listening to each other? Here are some universal listening facts: Immediately after we listen to someone we only recall about 50% of what they say. Long term, we only remember 20% of what we hear. We are distracted, preoccupied, or forgetful about 75% of the time we should be listening. So, how do you fix this problem? First, you need to know that listening is a skill you learn about and practice, even though you were born with ears. Here’s a quick anatomy class: Your mouth speaks, your ears hear, but it is your brain that does all the listening. In order for your brain to listen your mouth must be shut. Remarkably, the word “listen” has the exact same letters as the word “silent.” Studies show that you’ll never get people’s fullest attention than when you are listening to them. As Winston Churchill observed, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Description and Core Competencies

In this highly interactive and engaging presentation you will learn very specific business listening skills that will instantly buy you more hours in your work day while increasing company profits. Understand the four key ways to show respect for your communication partners and how they really benefit you. Identify the six types of pathological listening syndromes and how to avoid them. Do you really know what the difference is between input and interrupting? By using the “Jump-in Test” you will quickly learn when to use each communication technique how they create you having a greater influence. Learn when feelings “of certainty” turn into a false assumptions and become toxic to your large and small business decisions. Not all conversations are about problem-solving issues but learn why the other conversations are even more important to your business relationships. The cornerstone principle of listening, is what you learn, after you know it all. If you want to strengthen all your business relationships then you must come listen to this presentation!





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