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When employees are on leave, they have left. It sounds so simple. Yet, there are two major federal laws and almost 50 state and local laws dedicated to employee leave. The expression "Elvis left the building" meant don’t expect him to stay on stage any longer to sing or dance. Similarly, when employees are on “leave” they have left their job duties behind. So employers must not expect them to work anymore, not even a little, not even from home, not even for a minute. Consider all the laws are really one big Leave-Me-Alone-Act™. Contacting employees who are out on leave to discuss their jobs is one of the most common mistakes employers make and lawsuits have stemmed from just such an “innocent” phone call. Finally, once and for all, you will understand the landscape of leave laws, the hidden risks inherent in all leave decisions and your compliance obligations.

Description and Core Competencies

This highly engaging and interactive presentation distills complex disability laws into everyday workplace tools that you will instantly use to avoid liability when it comes to issuing leave under the laws. In this session you will learn: The new triggers for employee leave, how to determine if the leave is earned, what happens if you grant unearned leave if an employee really needs it, when is leave considered a reasonable accommodation, what written documentation needs to be executed, to pay or not to pay during leave and the impact leave has on performance. If “intermittent” leave is involved you will appreciate why you must pull out an abacus to keep track of it. Learn if your company’s leave policies really mean what you want them to say or are they waiting to stab you in the back with liability issues. By
the end of this presentation, you will really understand that “leave” means to employees…“Leave-Me-Alone!”






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