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Clicks & Sticks® Culture X-Ray Assessment Call™

We always conduct a unique Clicks & Sticks® Culture X-Ray Assessment Call™ for every location prior to the start of any training initiative. We orchestrate a multi-disciplinary conference call, in advance of the training, with your stakeholders to ensure we understand your worksite’s EEO-related policies and issues and the impact both have on your compliance program and culture.  

The Clicks & Sticks® Culture X-Ray Assessment Call™ gives us a historical perspective and understanding of the ever-changing EEO laws from a national and state perspective and their impact on your organization over the years and up to the day of your scheduled training.

25+ Unique Clicks & Sticks® Questions

Only Mindy Chapman & Associates has the unique list of 25+ Clicks
& Sticks® Culture X-Ray Questions that are related to each specific compliance course to customize the content for your workforce. 
This makes the learning relevant to them so it instantly “clicks.”
Our proprietary active learning process makes it “stick” to them
so the training is effective long after its over.





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