What it Means

First, what does it really mean to be a Compliance Rock Star™?  Let’s begin by understanding what does it mean to be a rock star?  After much research, it seems like the title of “rock star” is conferred upon individuals who are able to reach a large number of people with their work.  And, as a result, they affect change. 

Some do it through their passion for music.  Others do it through their commitment to compliance.

Let’s see how this works. A music rock star selectively picks songs to sing.  The songs have messages.  The rock star has the unique talent to deliver those messages in a special way so that people will want to hear them.  The audience is moved by the messages because they are relevant and have meaning.  People remember the messages long after the concert is over.  They think about it.  They remember it.  They tell others to listen to the music, too.  That’s how you know the music has an impact. That’s how music rock stars affect change.

How to Become A Compliance Rock Star

To be a Compliance Rock Star™ first means you understand how hard it is to be a prophet about compliance in your own “work home.” Frequently, employees can have some negative history associated with your other roles like corrective counseling making it difficult for you to have your compliance messages be effectively heard.

First, Select Your Training Messenger Wisely

So to be a real Compliance Rock Star™ means you must first carefully select who is going to deliver your organization’s compliance messages to your workforce.

Next, the selected compliance trainer must have the unique talent to deliver compliance messages in a special way so that employees will want to hear them.  And, employees must be moved by those messages. So, the messages must be relevant to them.  Have meaning to them. Employees must be able to remember the messages long after the training is over.  They think about it.  They remember it. They tell others to listen, too.  So, that’s how real Compliance Rock Stars™ get their titles.

It’s through who you select to deliver your critical compliance messages that counts and of course how those messages are crafted.  That’s how you are able to reach the largest number of people with your compliance work.  And, as a result, you will successfully affect change at work. 

Become a Compliance Rock Star™ Now!

Are you ready to be a Compliance Rock Star™?  Clicks & Sticks® Training will instantly get you that recognition.  We do it all the time and we will be delighted to connect you to other Compliance Rock Stars™ to check out our references.



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