We Uncover Risks To Preempt Your Liability

We use the internationally recognized Clicks & Sticks® Compliance Risk X-Ray Assessments to uncover all potential EEO compliance risks associated with your written policies, procedures, handbooks, code of conduct, website, social media links, online and written applications, job descriptions, performance evaluations and all other sources of information you have out there that is subject to legal compliance.

What We Find

We have experienced it all. Sometimes just asking for compliance policies sheds light on the reality that not all that are required actually exist.  Other times, we can tell from the last time a policy was revised that it is out of date because the laws have since been amended. We have discovered discriminatory language on websites including “looking for recent grads” and “good positions for singles who want to travel.” We have found policies that reference other policies that don’t actually exist. We test reporting procedures and there have been many times where a company’s policy incorrectly list a wrong number or the person on the other end does not follow up with an investigation.

You Resolve It

If you have any hidden compliance issues that are exposing you to risk,
we will find them so you can promptly correct the situation. Don’t let
your organization stay in the dark until a plaintiff’s lawyer sheds light on it. If your organization is not incompliance on your watch and you neither identify it nor remedy it, then the results could have a devastating impact on your career. Limit your risks by quickly discovering them and instantly correcting them by using the Clicks & Sticks® Compliance Risk X-Ray Assessments.





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