What Is Clicks & Sticks® Training?

Clicks & Sticks® Training takes complex legal compliance concepts and distills them down into practical and easy to use compliance tools for all levels of the workforce.

Clicks & Sticks® Active Learning Process

Clicks & Sticks® Training is a proprietary active learning process provided only by Mindy Chapman & Associates LLC. The training is recognized internationally as well as by federal and state compliance authorities for its solid legal content and practical ways that makes the materials click and stick for high retention.

The Benefits

Clicks & Sticks® Training immediately benefits your organization because the customized training is always relevant to the participants’ workplace (so it Clicks) and memorable long after the training ends (so it Sticks). This methodology of compliance training helps organizations avoid liability, minimize risk, retain talent, and create a culture of respect that values diversity and inclusion.

Instant Mastery Of Compliance Skills

Clicks & Sticks® Training helps employees to instantly acquire compliance information, develop and practice their new compliance skills and ultimately demonstrate mastery of the laws and their company’s policies.

Highest Return On Investment

Our training provides the highest return on investment of your training dollars because while every organization needs an effective compliance training program in the classroom, it must be sustainable back in the workplace to be valuable.






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