Clicks & Sticks® Approach Can Spot Systemic Problems

The Clicks & Sticks® central delivery approach can quickly recognize systemic discrimination and harassment and retaliation issues that arise within your organization.  We monitor employees’ and managers’ common questions, comments, and challenges that arise from location-to-location.  When this happens we notify you immediately so that your organization can quickly and proactively address any concerns before they become claims.

We Leverage Training Throughout
Your Entire Organization                                                                    

Compliance issues that arise in one session will always be addressed at all future sessions to prevent and correct systemic compliance problems. This is how Clicks & Sticks® Training is leveraged to have the highest immediate compliance impact throughout your entire organization.

Clicks & Sticks® Training is 100% Comprehensive

We train on all federal, state, and local protected characteristics, including those newly identified by the US EEOC.  Clients find this comprehensive approach a much better way to limit risks than solely training on the federal employment laws and a few scattered state laws.

We Provide Attorney-Client Privilege Protection

Compliance is about managing risk and the attorney-client privilege is a key tool in the process.  Our clients can often assert the attorney-client privilege to protect your company’s compliance communications with Mindy Chapman, Esq. 

We Report Directly And Immediately To You

We immediately take all issues directly to you without a moment’s delay. And, when needed, our communications are often safeguarded by the attorney-client privilege to protect you and your company from potential liability.

Recognized Compliance Authority Conducts Your Training

Clicks & Sticks® Training is conducted by a nationally recognized authority on EEO compliance laws.  A highly seasoned employment law partner fields all of your employees’ compliance questions.  Ms. Chapman is the author of a leading national employment law blog “Case in Point” and is a contributing editor to the HR Specialist: Employment Law monthly newsletter.  Every EEO training session is updated daily with critical new federal, state, and EEOC cases and the impact they may have on your organization.

Master Presenter Facilitates Your Compliance Training

Mindy Chapman, Esq. is recognized as a Top 10 National Speaker by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), Ethics & Compliance Officers Association (ECOA) and the American Bar Association (ABA). There’s a reason Ms. Chapman has earned these ratings. It makes a big difference in the delivery of and reception to your company’s compliance messages.





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