Picture This

Your employees are leaving today’s compliance training.  You see them tossing their training materials in the trash.  You look at their written evaluations and read:

  "Boring!" "Was that a joke?" "What a waste of time."

Ouch!!  But, we know this happens all the time because we hear about it from new clients.  If you are the one responsible for bringing compliance training into your organization, then you know by now this scene is one of your worst work nightmares come true.

The Bad Taste of Bad Training Is Long Lasting

As a professional, bringing in bad training can destroy your credibility, harm your approachability, and create corporate liability.  Bad training filled with dull legalese leaves an awful taste in attendees’ mouths.  And, that bad taste lasts a very long time. Unfortunately, this leaves you and your team associated with a major negative training experience that is difficult to overcome.

Results Of Good Training

When it comes to compliance training, you don’t want employees remembering “how bad it was.”  You want them remembering your policies, your reporting procedures, who are their strategic partners to go to as resources, and how to behave respectfully in the workplace. You want employees to develop EEO antennas to prevent misconduct and EEO reflexes to automatically respond in accordance with your organization’s compliance policies.

Clicks & Sticks® Training Always Gets Rave Reviews

Now, picture this. Employees are leaving the training.  This time, we
promise you will be reading something different on the evaluation forms.
We get these comments all the time:  

“I loved the Clicks & Sticks® active learning process!
Before I knew it, I knew it! ”
“A+ training! I had no idea what I didn’t know before. I was a
walking lawsuit.  The training is stuck in my head! I’ll be doing
things differently immediately.”
 “I feel much more confident now to do my job. I feel the
company really cares about me. Thanks for the session!”





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