Attorney Hat.

Because Mindy Chapman is a praticing licensed attorney, she knows not only when to create attorney-client privileged communications, but as importantly, when to just pick up the phone and make a call. This knowledge protects organizations by not creating potentially questionable and discoverable paper trails regarding compliance issues and it also makes the compliance process more efficient.

HR Partner Hat.

Mindy has also had long standing experience partnering with HR departments.  It is our job to brand (and sometimes “rebrand”) HR as
a strategic and helpful internal resource to managers and employees. This is frequently one key outcome clients want from the Clicks & Sticks® Training and we successfully facilitate building that relationship. Managers’ evaluations consistently have positive comments about immediately escalating EEO matters to HR teams including, “There is no excuse for ignorance of the law and I now realize HR is the most capable resource to handle those situations.”

Master Facilitator Hat.

Mindy Chapman has been recognized as a master facilitator by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), the American
Bar Association (ABA), and the Ethics and Compliance Officers Association (ECOA) not only for compliance content but also for
the unique Clicks & Sticks® Training methodology she created.  

Ms. Chapman knows how to shut down liability in the training room without shutting down participants.  She conducts “train-the-trainer” sessions to teach master-level facilitation skills to HR professionals, attorneys, and training development teams at global organizations across all industries.  When companies want to turn their trainers into facilitators, Mindy Chapman is the recognized go-to resource. 




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